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07-05-2011, 07:36 AM
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Originally Posted by Ohashi_Jouzu View Post
Also strange is that it sounds like Gauthier could have "low-balled" Hamrlik if he was just willing to tack a second year onto the offer. I really hope Spacek's limited NTC is what got in the way of moving him (assuming any attempt was made at all), because Hamrlik at roughly Gill money - even with a second year tacked on - instead of Spacek would have been unreal... and awesome.
This isn't making much sense if Gauthier was willing to give Hamrlik 3.5 mil all of the sudden. IMHO Gauthier really limited his options by signing Gill so quickly. Neither was going to be a free agent until July 1 and both were willing to re-sign in Montreal.

By signing Gill and then making Hamrlik wait maybe caused Hamr to lose interest. In the mean time Gauthier tries to go shopping and the free agent market starts to become limited. Then maybe he offers Hamr a contract because he has a taker for Spacek. And then what if Hamr catches wind of that and decides - nope, not gonna sign me at the expense of my buddy. Gauthier wasn't going to offer Hamr two years because Gill actually asked for that too but didn't get it.

Now Gauthier has a void to fill and if he can't he'd better hope the D is relatively injury free and everyone plays as advertised quickly.

Much speculation of course in my post but it'd be fun to know how things transpire in the business of hockey.

One thing I'm confident in is that Gauthier didn't start talking to Hamrlik until a few days okay and then gave a genuine offer. So what changed his mind? Maybe he suddenly did realize this team needed help at ES and Hamr had provided that all along.

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