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10-20-2003, 11:12 AM
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What can you say.

Vlad has been just dreadful in the 1st few games of the year and while I still despise Dale something has to be done and he can't do worse than what Vlad is playing right now.

As I said it's very much so a conviction of Vlad as oppossed to a vote of confidence for Dale who also has been terrible in preseason and the one game he got in but I'm hoping he can keep his head down and not have as many costly gaffes as Malakhov.

Vlad has been inconsistent and has had his bad games in his 3 yrs here but he is playing at by far his lowest and all you can hope for is that he didn't really get into game action until the last 2 preseason games after shoulder trouble is leading to his terrible play b/c like it or not we're stuck w/him for the balance of the yr.

Either that or hope he can simplify his game and be somewhat steady if he gets paired with#2 when he gets back b/c Brian can lift anybodies gameIMO.

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