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07-05-2011, 10:08 AM
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Originally Posted by TheMonster View Post
I really hope we get him signed for next year. If we're going to have him on a 1 year deal whats the harm in giving him around 4 mil for next season so he can prove himself?

He either earns the money, which is great and we can lock him up long term, or he doesn't, and we let him go or sign him for cheap depending on his production. This would be low-risk high-reward IMO.

Unless Burke has something up his sleeve that will take up more of our cap space for next year we'll be able to afford it anyways.

At the end of next season, we can then re-evaluate Mac's value, as well as Kadri/Colborne's progression and make some decisions as to how much value he has with the team going forward.
I think thats the key though.

What harm is there?

I think the harm is that Burke looks like someone who can be walked on by other RFAs. I don't think Burke wants to look desperate, and the moment he accepts any dollar amount that he's not exactly comfortable with, that opens up other RFAs to negotiate at that comparable salary.

I think as a fan we just see play on ice, and cap figures. But if we accept MacArthur at a 1 year deal at 4m, what kinds of numbers are other players like Grabovksi going to push for as UFAs? Kessel money? More?

The reason why Burke talks about walking away from salary that is too high is because he doesn't want to set a precedent IMO. If MacArthur does walk, I'm guessing there's a back-up plan in place.

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