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09-13-2005, 09:19 AM
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Well, so much for that prediction of them being "smoked". And you never did answer my question of why you thought Atlanta would do that, GKJ. I was genuinely curious about that. I will say the Falcons D is very impressive. They're a bit small, but they make up for that by just busting their ***** on every play. Of course, playing at home, and against an Eagles running offense that at times couldn't get out of its own way, probably helped, but still, props to their D. Vick, however, continues to show that he has a ways to go as a QB before he'll win a title. Some of those passes were just awful, and he has very little in the receiving corps (that one pass to Jenkins notwithstanding). I think he might have thrown 4 or 5 times total to his wideouts. It seemed like every pass was intended for Crumpler, and you could tell when Alge got shook up and had to take a break for a series. No passing attempts (maybe one, but I was fairly sure it was zero), just handoffs and running plays for Vick.

I'll save some of my ire for the refs, as well. Not picking up that completely illegal hit on McNabb in the first quarter was a disgrace, especially in light of the late hit flag that Lewis drew for pushing Vick as he was stepping out of bounds (I thought that flag was ridiculous). The lineman left his feet, and lead with his helmet. No call. That's absurd. And what was with the report that Hall had been mucking it up before the game but didn't get tossed? Was there any confirmation on that one?

Finally, the Eagles. The D didn't look too bad, I thought. Lots of rushing yards allowed, but I expect that to improve with Trotter back in the middle. The pass defense allowed one big play, otherwise was good. The offense was not good. Perhaps it was due to that shot he took at the beginning, but McNabb looked off all night. Forcing passes, holding the ball too long, no scrambles when there were a couple of occasions he had some lanes it looked like. No running game, but that's not surprising. Still, it would be nice to get SOME yardage on the ground to take some of the heat off that pass rush and give the defense something to think about. Never mind spreading the ball around more. And let's not even go into the penalties, especially those illegal formation ones. Those have to be corrected.

It's early, so I expect things to not be perfect. But the Eagles have some work to do, and we'll have to see if they can respond. I think they can, but we shall see.

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