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Originally Posted by umpft View Post
Do you have any suggestions about how to improve my positioning? It's the first season I play and i don't have much experience. I'm a RW and sometimes I wonder where the heck I should be to get a pass... I don't get many of them.

On a side note, my cardio is not too bad and I can skate quite fast, (nothing really noteworthy, just a bit above the average here) so often I find myself going after almost every single puck in the offensive zone, no matter who has lost it, even when the chances of a poke check are low - after all I'm new and they're good at defending it. That necessarily brings me out of position. Should I do that or not?

Hope it makes sense
This is a beginner type thread but unfortunately that question is actually complex. With regards to positioning, the best players are the ones who know how to rotate positions.

I generally play center but I absolutely hate playing with players who think that position = staying in your designated area of the ice. When "said" player is checked or covered, there's no movement because he's "supposedly staying in position" which pretty much makes him/her useless on the entire play, even if by chance the puck goes to him (since he's already checked/covered).

As a center, creativity in play is easier when everyone is rotating positions to create space and opportunity and as far as defense is concerned, it gives the more of a challenge of tracking more players & continuously changing opening positions. (As opposed to a static forward who just plays his area which pretty much means, the defense doesn't have to move much to cover/check you)

Of course, at the end of the day, it's a team game and rotating positions require that teamwork to cover areas left by others.

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