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07-05-2011, 12:30 PM
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How much is it worth to a team and its coach to know that somewhere around 60-65 games a year, you have the best goaltender on the ice, a guy that can on occasion totally dominate the play and even steal games, a guy that erases the mistakes of the 5 skaters in front of him, someone who you don't have to gameplan around because of deficiencies, who doesn't implode and for a team that can't score very much swing the balance of the game back to even terms? Just because the Preds have been good (or lucky) at the revolving door in net, why would we think that this would necessarily repeat itself again? (it seems that there is a certain group of fans that just assumes "the next guy" will be just as good if given a chance because that's always the way its been in Nashville) Teams that have solid goaltending win, teams that don't lose. Finally, according to Poile (if you can believe anything he says) and others, the trade value of goaltenders is much less than it used to be, so how much real return can a team expect?

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