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nice tips in this thread.

The one biggest thing for me when I was a younger player was that I wanted to go top shelf every shot and alot of times I didnt have my head up. So my tip is to look at where you are shooting. If you dont have your head hits the goalie in the chest...look at what you have to shoot at and more likely than not the 5 hole and low to the stick will get you goals...tho they may not be top shelf over the glove like you see in highlights.

Another huge thing to me at least is to know that you are playing against people and not a machine. Sounds silly but hear me out. You in a way have to sell or act your way into faking out a goalie and esp defenders when your going one on one. The biggest move that comes to mind for me as a defenseman is selling a left turn and then a very tight 180 turn back to the right side. This buys you a few more seconds to either skate up the ice or make a pass to an open guy.

Lastly...skate to the puck. On passes from teamates in particular. Often I watch mens league games and I can see guys not skating to the puck...a defender comes in picks it off and a sweet chance for the other team just happened while you and your line of forwards are too late to get back or even sometimes still streaking up for a breakout pass.

Someone else said it...never stop working on skating and shooting the puck. Even if you goto stick n puck once a week by yourself...its helping more than you know. Work on your edges and perfecting that wrist and slap shot.

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