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07-05-2011, 01:42 PM
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what do 'Comcast Only' customers have to do with this thread ?


the simple fact is that Comcast does, indeed, use this now closing, thankfully, loophole on everybody in the country that has a DISH. That group also includes customers of Comcast, itself.

the thread subject is "CSN Philly coming to a Dish near you" .... and that CLEARLY has ZERO to do with 'Comcast Only' customers.

it DOES, however, concern consumers who are customers of both DISH and Comcast.

so, start a new thread about 'Comcast Only' customers if you like. I'm not concerned about them, nor will I waste any of my time on considering or answering you unrelated questions.

you're just trying to cloud this clear issue, like jest, by making silly comparisons, instead of just dealing with / accepting the cold hard fact that Comcast does use this loophole on EVERYBODY in the country. and some of those people ARE Comcast customers.

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