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07-05-2011, 02:26 PM
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Radulov can play with any partners. He is not worse than Semin and I would think he's more useful.

His rights = 1 season of playing for 0,8M (then RFA). That's Kuznetsov but seasoned for 3-4 years while still on ELC. Crazy bonus.

It's an ultimate salary dump. No Semin = addition by substraction (that's a question, but such a POV have many in agreement).

Also NSH will need to dump some players due to internal budget. And they have to give us a good pick (like #1 good).

Thus I think NSH won't do this.

Kulemin is already very good himself. And cheap to it. He's trending up and he isn't headcase I think. Why would Toronto trade him for less physical more expensive soon to be UFA player with worse stats?

Pavelski is better than Semin I guess. And SJS already got Havlat. But that's a no brainer for us if available.

Normally I think Semin can't get such a return. But now with McPhee in god mode... anything can happen.

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