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Originally Posted by sk84fun_dc View Post
I posted this near the end of the last thread, so I'm reposting it here:

In-season cap max for 2011-12: $64,300,000
Off-season cap max: 110% of $64,300,000 = $70,730,000

110% overage isn’t as simple as adding up a 23 player roster. This was more of an issue last summer with Nylander and Collins counting against the off-season cap hit, especially Nylander because the percentage of the overage space he took up with his cap hit had the potential to impact some off-season movement, but for clarification:

The Off-season 110% cap calculation includes the following:

- ALL players on one-way contracts. This season not much of an issue since Beagle and King are already accounted for in most scenarios, but even if someone plans to demote one or both, until (if) it happens before the season starts, they count against the cap this off-season (when there’s the 10% extra space.)

- Buyout cap hits (i.e., Sloan's 233,333 buyout cap hit)

- ALL RFA QOs – Prorated based on time on NHL roster previous season; for Alzner ($826,875) and Brouwer ($1,050,000) – they count at 100% of their QOs until the QOs expire or a contract is agreed to for each player. Obviously, once there’s a contract that’s the cap hit which will count. For Perreault, his RFA QO NHL salary counts pro-rated based on days on the NHL roster last season. (Also, G.O.D., Perreault’s QO should have been for $715,000 based on his ’10-11 NHL salary and the required 110% offer based on that salary.) He was on the roster for a little less than half the season.

- For other players under contract who spent time in the NHL and AHL, pro-rated NHL salary based on days on NHL roster last season counts against the off-season cap calculation…this includes Holtby, Aucoin, Patrick McNeill, Sean Collins, Potulny, and Sabourin. I haven’t done the math, but the 6 players combined pro-rated cap hit should be less than $500,000, I think it's actually less than $400,000 but I haven't run the detailed numbers.

So, estimating only, the current off-season cap hit calculation for the Washington Capitals is approximately $66,300,000.

Obviously, these numbers change as other changes are made including RFAs signing contracts.
Woops! I quoted the wrong one. According to this $4,430 mil is left? To sign Brouwer and Alzner. With nothing if we want Hannan.

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