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07-05-2011, 02:41 PM
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Total One - Keep it or sell it?

This past winter, I won a Bauer Total One stick from a silent auction for about $100 under retail. I placed the bid with the self promise that I would sell it for a higher price and make a profit. Unfortunately, the resell market is saturated with them, and if I sold it, I would actually be losing about $40 off of what I spent. But, I'm a student so the money would be nice to pay off debts.

It's my flex (77) (my current stick is too stiff), and a curve that I've wanted to try (P92).. but at this point, I don't have a shot worth the pricetag. I'm not a terrible hockey player, but my girlfriend is pressuring me to sell it, and I don't really want to waste a stick like that in a D-league.

So what would you do? Keep it or sell?

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