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Originally Posted by 3Four3 View Post
Sunrise, Dallas, Nashville, Phoenix don't paint a pretty picture. You just had an Atlanta team move to Winnipeg, you had Kansas City assocaited with both the Pens and Islanders. Everything isn't rosy in the NHL.

No team in any sport is a safe bet. People have been proclaiming the NFL as a moneymaker, but, whoops, both Buffalo and Jacksonville could face being on the chopping block. The NFL needs a team in L.A.? They had one...twice, with one winning a Super Bowl.

What evidence is there of the KHL improving? They just secured a team from both Slovakia and Italy. Who is to say the KHL won't succeed in alluring more teams/countries to join?

European League, European League, even though the Russians are behind it, it's very close to being just that, a European League. Sure, it's going through some growing pains but to convey it as having no wiggle room for improvement, well, sorry, but I'm just going to have to baulk at that idea.
They just secured teams from leagues that are themselves faltering. Again, poaching teams from C- and D-level European leagues hardly inspires confidence.

I understand that no team is a safe bet. However, we're not talking the Nashville, Phoenix and Atlanta types in the KHL--we're talking Moscow Dynamo, the juggernaut that supplied us with Ovechkin, Kovalev, Datsyuk, absolute flagship Russian club. They were forced to merge with another club to avoid folding all together. Here's an interesting article about it:

The KHL is in bad shape financially, has been since its inception/rebranding, and will likely continue to be for the foreseeable future. Adding other struggling teams from other struggling leagues does nothing to change the long term outlook for them. Remember when Ufa and Metallurg didn't pay their players for months? Big-time teams, not paying players. That kind of stuff is commonplace over there and hasn't abated as the league "grows."

Yes, it is true that I cannot speak in absolutes regarding the future of the KHL. However, I'm exceedingly confident that they'll continue to struggle, and pose no threat to the NHL whatsoever.


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