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07-05-2011, 04:32 PM
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1rst time lounge poster.. hi..

Just had to post this.. Finland one of the places with lowest crime rates and something just happen to me that made me lol so hard. Some1 stole my cars front turn signals. Yes, these 10$ items were stolen from my car last night and by pros. They didn't do any harm to my car and even left the wiring all intact. Our bet it's some russians who come to finland and "harvest" cars for parts around here because they did this with skill, fast and didnt destroy anything else. A finn who had stolen them would just smashed everything up.

All in all.. Finland isn't that safe anymore. Now my GF is laughing at me because I used to laugh at her bringing in her car stereos front panel inside ( i used to leave my car doors open for years and nothing was stolen ) now she asked me did i remember to bring my turn signals in for the night

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