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09-13-2005, 02:40 PM
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this was THE worst, most violent footage i have ever seen...

the first person who should be fired is the linesman who pretty much coasts around WATCHING it unfold (the lead ref did his best to subdue it, but it was just chaos).

this game crossed every line possible... the absolute worst part of it was the guy who got sucker punched and KO'd, and then the fans CHEERED... i know it's a goon league and all, but still...
when a guy refuses to fight, you don't rabbit punch him 60 times; likewise, when a guy is face down on the ice, you do not pummell him repeatedly; the one guy is getting choked on his own sweater and getting his head pounded; looked like there was a fight in the crowd, too.
i was ravenously hungry but legit lost my appetite watching this...
i could go on for an hour.

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