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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
Any cat people on here? I have two cats about two years old. How long is too long to leave them alone? We've left them alone from Friday night to Sunday afternoon/night a million times and have never had a problem (left extra food and water, etc). This weekend we plan on going home Thursday night until Monday afternoon/night. Sounds a little long to me but the wife says that if there's enough food, water, and litter cats can pretty much be alone forever. Anyone got any info on this?
On a related note, for how long can a dog, well and properly crate trained, be alone during the day without being miserable or making a mess of its space?

I'm researching puppies (and how to raise them) because I've always wanted one, but I work 10 hour days M-F...I've had some suggested that it'd be fine, others that any dog under 1 year old would be bad news...any ideas, folks?

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