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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
That's why I switched to Sakic, similar curve but starts towards the middle instead of heel so my passes and shots stayed down a little more, at the expense of some power.
If you have a 2-piece setup you should give the P106 a try too, IMO it's basically a half way point between a Drury and a P88. Length of a P88 (shorter than a Drury), similar to a heel wedge but with a little bit of curve throughout the mid/toe instead of going totally flat like a Drury, a bit deeper curve than a Drury because of this. It's pretty open but not insanely open, for me the openness is just right. I picked one up recently, so far my snap and slap shots are basically identical to with a Drury, these are definitely the two curves I have the most power and accuracy with, but I'm liking it more because I find the slightly shorter, slightly more curved blade a lot easier when it comes to stick handling. The bit of mid curve is also nice for those times when you're in close/under pressure and have to take those semi-improvised wrist shots rather than properly set up snap shots. Personally I haven't had problems controlling shot height with the curve, or keeping passes flat, everything feels very easy/effortless so far, though I've only had 2 skates with it (1 stick and puck, 1 game). The only think I don't like about the curve is the rocker, it's got a very large rocker and I prefer a more moderate rocker, if this thing had the lie and rocker of a Drury I'd be absolutely in love, but for the most part I've hardly noticed it so far. For reference in terms of lie/rocker, I find the Drury, Sakic and P88 to all be withing ranges that work for me, but my ST with an Iginla curve is problematic (despite the 5.5 lie listing it seems like a higher lie to me, and with it's minimal rocker I often have the pressure on the heel, not mid blade, I feel my shot power suffers, and I have trouble catching hard passes).

Based on how you've described the curves you like I think it could be a hit for you, probably worth giving a shot with a cheap wood blade at least, unless you really hate big rockers, but the Sakic has a big rocker too (this one is different though).

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