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07-05-2011, 07:48 PM
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Originally Posted by Zaide View Post
Doesn't tell me anything... There were like 10 goalies who played with the Isles last year.
Haha, exactly what I was thinking. At first I wondered where I had heard that name before, and then I searched ep for him and was like "aaaah, THAT guy". Guy seems to have decent enough tools. Wouldn't be surprised if he has already hit his prime/peak (his stats make it look like he's getting "worse", but he's actually as close to "developed" as he'll ever be), which isn't a bad thing, as long as he's in the AHL facing that level of competition. I think he joins Schultz on the "will never crack an NHL lineup" list, although he becomes the organization's 3rd goalie, so he could be the default injury reserve.

Originally Posted by CrimsonSkorpion View Post
Nice signing for Hamilton. A little upset the Habs didn't opt for McIntyre, but I can live with a Delmas-Lawson duo.
Definitely. Should be interesting to see how they make out. They're in a pretty decent situation to look good, behind what should be a pretty competitive Bulldogs roster.

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