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07-06-2011, 01:07 AM
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Originally Posted by esuhock22 View Post
Well, I kind of changed it up. Decided to keep my Easton S15's for ice, which are a more beat up, and put a chassis on my Vapor XXXX's. I'm happy with the finished product and my league starts next week, can't wait to try them out.
Let us know how you like em!

For anyone else considering this, my bro had some Sprungs put on some old Tacks, and he loves em. Ice boots tend to be a bit stiffer. The only prob is some ice skates have a cloth covering on the toe cap and soft leather that doesn't take the abuse of a roller surface as well. I rock a 72/80 HiLo and personally the forward pitch is a little too steep for me. There are a lot of choices for skate frames, this article explains what some of the differences are.

As far as mounting goes, you can do it yourself, but shops usually charge around $30 which is worth it in my opinion. I have an extra set of size L Mission 72/80 for a size 10-12 skate just collecting dust. Do you guys know if there's a gear swap I can list them in? Not really trying to make money, just hoping to find someone who can put em to good use.

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