Thread: Speculation: How good will Bryzgalov be?
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07-06-2011, 06:51 AM
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Originally Posted by Chris Shafer View Post
It's all relative, honestly.

While I'm expecting him to be extremely good, I'm not expecting 1.90 GAA / 0.930 SV% / 50 wins.

The lower the GAA and the higher the SV% the harder it is to improve.

He's going to get diminishing returns here particularly because this team and its depth were designed with the idea in mind that they had to be just about as efficient and self-sufficient as possible when it came to winning games.

It's designed to take a lot of pressure off the goalie, which some think would spike the goalie's numbers to astronomical highs.

Actually all it does is take away those annoying goals that the defense and team defense can prevent.

It still can't stop goals that our defenders can't defend and Bryzgalov can't stand on his head to stop.

There will be a diminishing returns aspect to Bryzgalov's numbers this season, but I still expect some quality production.
I actually expect Bryz numbers to fall quite a bit. This will probably be viewed as a drop in performance but it wont. The flyers have always been a team with significantly good players, that couldn't play together. It was a case of it either all went well, or it was mess. Thats why we have the stupid losing streaks, and long winning streaks.

Now that the team has changed significantly, i'm hoping these guys will develop some serious chemistry with eachother. If thats the case then bryz's numbers are going to get even higher, and he will be in with a chance of vezina nominations. However if the team reverts back to the hit and hope of the last 5-6 years, then his numbers will drop. It wont be his fault, it's just the way the team is built. What i hope he can do though, is steal a few games if the team does decide to play this way.

Something that we have never had, and something that the rangers have benefitted from since the king got there.

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