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07-06-2011, 07:35 AM
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Originally Posted by xSeany View Post
Right now, I actually live on the other side of the river. Currently in South Jersey, and I love it for the most part. However, I'm looking to actually move into Pennsylvania. I must admit, SJ has lots of perks. Miles from the skatezone, the stadium, less than an hour from a beach, and less than 2 hours from NY. Feels like I'm in the middle of everything almost. However, I'm looking into PA for a better living experience at a cheaper rate. As well as it would be very beneficial for my mother, who works in PA. I looked into a few apartments so far, one in Coatesville really stood out for me so far. A house is a possibility. But for now, location is key. West Chester is the best location(middle of everything(almost). Why further away from Philly? Well, it's cheaper. I lived in West Chester and Downingtown as a very young child. Thus, I don't know how the environment is today. Towns tends to change over time.

So I come here tonight, asking for a hand. Where to stay away from and where to look into? Whats a good area, and where is the bad? I'm sure it's much safer than Camden in every which directions you look over there, but I would really like to steer away from the drama here. It's no fun hearing police sirens every night and day. I need a peaceful change. Also, if anyone has any living experience in any of the areas around that way. Not to mention, if they have actually lived in any apartments around there as well. I have visited a few(one of them, I used to live in(Fairways in Downingtown). I was a bit disappointed. It was nothing how I remembered it being. Also, any good places to eat in the area? I went to the PJ's in Downingtown. And that was also a major disappointment unfortunately. Workers didn't seem like they cared, took forever to get food. It wasn't even crowded. It was only for my father and myself. The Haddonfield PJ's gets our wings and fries out in a matter of minutes and it's a table of six hungry starving teens.

Any who, sorry for that mini rant. Any advice and knowledge would be GREATLY appreciated. ALSO! Any rinks around? Street hockey? Ice hockey? There's many rinks in South Jersey... I could not find one while driving around(wasn't expecting to though).
I've lived in West Chester/Downingtown since 1993 and I love it. I'm not sure there's another part of SE PA I'd rather live. Not that I could afford, at least. I'm not an expert on local apartments and I don't know how much you're looking to spend but there's definitely some nice stuff around: Exton Crossing, Thomas Meeting. I don't even think I could list all of the stores and restaurants in the area, especially in West Chester. Bell Tavern Park in Downingtown has a street hockey rink but I haven't skated there in a few years. For ice hockey, your best bet would be Ice Line in West Chester.

Let me know if you have any other questions about the area, or any of SE PA really.

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