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07-06-2011, 10:12 AM
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Originally Posted by thomas magnum View Post
I agree completely. I always believe in quality vs. quantity. I'd rather trade for 1 great forward than bring in 2 guys who might pan out. Also, I'd be a little worried about bringing in too many people like Bergfors and Zherdev who are not exactly known for their defensive abilities. I know I'm new here but what has been your experience with doing that? Do they end up in the dog house or do they work out just fine? I know that offensive help is needed but I would hate to see it come at the cost of bringing in a player who wouldn't fit the system.
To answer your question, Trotz has a very short's long enough to get to the doghouse, but that's about it. Without going on and on about it, Trotz is completely into "trust" meaning he will most often only play guys he trusts will adhere to his defensive system/philosophy. If he can't trust a player in that regard, he won't see the ice time, particularly in crucial situations or late in the game. If forced with a choice, he will always go with the player that he trusts defensively over one that has offensive ability, even if the situation calls for your best offensive players to be getting ice time.

Hypothetically in regards to your question about Bergfors, we all know that the only reason he's here is because he was cheap, available and the Preds have openings on their roster. I would suspect that if this were a guy playing down in MIL in the AHL, Trotz would probably object to his call-up until he learned the defensive system and proved himself. So in bypassing the "road through Milwaukee", Bergfors will really have to prove himself in a very short period of time. Typically I would say a guy like Bergfors gets early season grinder time, but out of a necessity due to this thin roster, he may actually get more premium ice time soley out of dumb luck. Hopefully that kind of answers your question.

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