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Originally Posted by swimmer77 View Post
Not bitter about anything. Actually I'm trying to understand Gauthier's thought process and granted I'm having a tough time.

The Halak deal I completely understood. I didn't like it but understood it 100 %. I'm not as confident in Gauthier's ability to rebuild the D. I do think Gorges is overrated. I think at best he is a good # 4 d-man in short term spurts. That's all. What annoys me the most about Gorges is his inherent ability to be pushed into the crease. He's physical only in that he will try to hit someone but I've never seen him throw a punishing blow.

The only thing that Gauthier has done that's impressed me with the D so far is sign Emelin. I just don't see a huge upgrade over what the Habs had last year. In fact to face possible injuries it's worse especially if either Markov or Subban are injured.

Just seems like Gauthier is more willing to give money to bottom pairing d-men and let legit top 4 d-men walk out the door. And it's a team that needs help at ES no less.

Wiz supposedly never was offered a contract by Gauthier. It's possible he would have taken less to stay in Montreal as he so expressed. We'll never know I guess.

And admittedly I do dread the thought of Gill possibly pairing with Subban on the second pairing.
Gauthier also went after Cole.
Also, our defense last year was good enough to finish 8th in terms of goals against.
Our Defense stays at about the same level as last year imo. There is an improvement in speed and puck moving, but the loss of Hammer is big in terms of depth.
I'm guessing they're going all in with Emelin/Spacek, at least it appears to be the case as of today. I have faith that Spacek can bring what Hammer pretty much brought. But for that to happen he needs to play on his natural side.

I always felt we should re-sign Hammer over Gill. I think that was a bad move.
Other than that, I'm happy with what Gauthier has done overall, still would have liked a good depth signing like Kaby though.

Originally Posted by Carey Price View Post
Sounds like BS...
Not to me. That's pretty much what I thought when I heard he filed for arbitration.
I assumed 3.5 was what he wanted, so, 4 isn't too far off.
Not sure how the negotiations went down, not sure if Gauthier even offered him anything yet.
Maybe he did, but then Gorges came back with some ridiculous demand like 4M, and that made Gauthier look for trade options. Who knows really...
But I don't think it's too much BS.

Originally Posted by hab junkie View Post
4 million???
Bring Sopel back...I always thought he was better anyways!

Gorges= Komisarek v2.0
Gorges and Komi are completely different. The only similarity is that they're stay at home Dmen. Are every Def.Dman around the league the same to you?

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