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Originally Posted by RandyHolt View Post
If he leaves you and I will be the only ones that saw it coming, or believe it had a bearing. Most will argue all the time in Hershey was best for him. Bah.

I have long thought he hated being in Hershey, watching SMo get all of his NHL development reps, and missing out on critical playoff reps. I hated it. We were rebuilding, and shunned our hopeful 1LD Alzner getting into games for who is now looking to be an 7 8 in Boof. Mo, benched in the last playoffs. It was a mistake. Alzner had one playoff game under his belt just 3 months ago.
Of course, that's just pure speculation that runs completely contrary to what Alzner has said or how he has acted. He doesn't strike me as the kind of guy who would always stick to a script when interviewed, and besides, if he was really upset enough that he would screw the team who drafted him, I think we would have heard something by now.

We're talking about a rookie blueliner who also served as the team's top-paring shutdown guy, and by most defensive metrics was one of the best doing it in the NHL. The team probably views him as a franchise player, but he's still an RFA, which means trying to get a long-term deal is going to be tricky. Brouwer is no where near that caliber of player, but the Capitals took until today to sign him despite trading for him at the draft.

If Alzner wanted to stick it to the team, he would have accepted an offer sheet by now.

You think his time in Hershey for him was good for him? How do you know it was better in the AHL over the NHL? He was all but put in a position to fail in his limited chances here. He was upset when he got demoted. What's your reason to pretend like he wasnt upset? To argue?
His time in Hershey introduced him to his current and possible career partner John Carlson, and that pairing--established and cemented in his last season in Hershey--allowed him and Carlson to become legit top-pairing guys in the NHL in their first full seasons...something that rarely happens.

Even Alzner has said that. Emphasized it, actually.

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