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Originally Posted by Legionnaire11 View Post
Keith Yandle re-signed with the Coyotes for 5 years/$26M... hopefully that helps our situation with Weber.
I'd be ecstatic with a 5 year, +30M deal. I don't understand the argument for a longer deal. There's just too much risk. The Preds don't have the ability to buyout the last years of a big deal, bury the contract in the minors, or LTIR the player like the big teams can do. So signing such a deal is so much riskier for the Preds than it is for New York Rangers. The Preds simply don't have the giant eraser that the big teams have.

Can you imagine if the Preds had inked Wade Redden or Shelden Souray? While I like Weber better than either of those players in their primes, would it surprise anyone if Weber wasn't nearly as effective at 32 as he was now? I'd hate to be forced to pay him huge dollars for an additional 3-5 years beyond that. Long term contracts, specifically those that compensate past the mid-30s are terrifying.

Even when stars have a natural downward progression after 30, such as Lecavalier, it still cripples middle market teams. Think Tampa wishes they hadn't signed Vinny to a 4-year deal right about now? He's likely the reason they are struggling with resigning Stamkos. If I'm not mistaken, they are a midpoint team, like us. And 1/5 of their salary goes to Lecavalier. With all the massive failures we've seen around the league when it comes to paying players big dollars past 32-33, it should give the Preds pause to commit too much beyond that point.

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