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Originally Posted by Wingman77 View Post
Before talking out of your *****, perhaps it wouldn't hurt to actually know what happened during the end of Jamie's time here.....vvvvv

This along with the fact that when the Devils played the Stars for the first time with Jamie on the Stars, there were obviously interviews with local reporters about it and he said when he was asked to waive the NTC, he felt like he wasn't wanted and didn't know what he was even playing for at that point.......

Now let's think about this for a second.......this is coming from your team captain, the guy who is supposed to rally the troops through thick and thin, lead by example to the rest of the team, and he can't put being asked to waive his NTC behind and just go out and try to prove the organization wrong by producing on the ice and in the locker room, so he instead decides to pout and whine about it?!?

Nobody is blaming him for the Devils bad start, that's absolutely ridiculus there are plenty of things and people who went into the bad start
Uh the guy devoted his entire prime to that organization, helped guys like Parise and Zajac get where they are and the moment a big money russian guy with a whole 4 games of playoff experience hits the market Lou goes ******* and throws a worse contract than DiPietro's at him... suddenly it's Langs' fault he thought being on the team who tried to ditch him is a waste of his time?

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