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Originally Posted by Xoggz22 View Post
I mentioned this in the Aaron Johnson thread and thought why not bump this one for some discussion - especially with out Springfield/AHL knowledgeable fans....

I'm not going to try to look at the forwards but with the signing of Holden and Johnson to two way deals it seems like we'll have a potential significant excess on the back end again. To my knowledge we have not signed a defensive minded assistant coach for Springfield yet either. I am not a fan of last year's revolving door on the back end and feel like our prospects should really have a chance to take a big step forward this year. Here's what I'm seeing and wondering where they all fit:


Clearly one of them will end up as a 5-7 on the big club but that's 9 players for 6 spots and all need significant development. Another thing to consider is that next year we add another big chunk of players:

Olson (possibly although I don't think he gets a contract offer)

That's a pretty good amount of prospect depth and several players with NHL aspirations and potential.

I'd like to see Savard, Moore, Goulobef, Ruth, Blomqvist and Regner get a lot of time with Prout and Delisle spending time at the ECHL or CHL level to further learn. Lot's of prospects and not enough ice time for everyone. Let's hope we see a major step forward this year from some of these guys.
I think Columbus needs to find an ECHL team instead of a CHL team this season. The CHL is not where prospects should be playing IMO. Nothing against CHL hockey, but it's not known for growing prospects. I know there are significantly less ECHL teams than AHL/NHL. A shared affiliate can work.

I think Delisle, Regner and possibly Goloubef spend time in the ECHL/CHL if they have not improved from last season. But it could easily be Ruth instead of Goloubef sent down. He had a season of highs and very low lows.

Also, I think Johnson has a decent shot at making the Jackets as the 5-7 d-man. Most fans have been assuming he will be here in Springfield, but I don't think that is the case. Of course, i'm more than willing to take him here of course.

I have been impressed by the signings by the Jackets.

Sanford in net looks to be a great move. He will be the #1 but also mentor Allen York. Also is a decent NHL backup.

Alex Giroux, if his head and ego are in check is a beast. Even when they are not, he's very very good.

Martin St. Pierre I have not seen play the past few season when he has been in the Western Conference and Europe, but hopefully he still has the moves and energy he did in Providence and Norfolk.

Andrew Joudrey, good 3rd line guy. Knows what it takes to win through his time in Hershey winning 2 Calder Cups.

Nicholas Drazenovic looks like he should fit well on the 2nd line, although with the new players and returning prospects, he could be bumped to 3rd line easy.

I have not seen a parent club put this much into signing players for at least the past 10 seasons. Hopefully it comes together for a great season.

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