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This is the way I see the terms. Feel free to disagree.

Offensive Defenseman: A defenseman with offensive skill who tends to focus more on offense than defense. May jump up with the rush and will often pinch in the offensive zone. Examples:Green, Keith, Letang,

Puck Moving Defenseman(PMD): A type of defenseman who is very skilled at passing the puck. Has an excellent first pass out of the zone. Often plays on the powerplay due to their ability to distribute the puck and set up other players.
Examples: Kaberle, Boyle

Two Way Defenseman: A defenseman who is solid in his own and can contribute in the offensive zone. A player who can play on the PP or the PK.
Examples: Chara, Pronger, Weber

Defensive Defenseman/Stay at Home Defenseman: a defenseman who is focused on playing defense. Not very skilled with the puck. Plays on the PK, but not the PP. Sometimes is paired with an offensive defenseman to provide a safety net in case the offensive defenseman picks a bad time to pinch or get caught out of position. Not flashy, but defensively responsible. Blocks a lot of shots, breaks up a lot of scoring chances.
Examples: Murray, Z. Michalek, Volchenkov

Shut down Defenseman: A defenseman used to shut down the top players on the opposing team. Could be any type of defenseman listed above.
Example: Chara and Seidenberg were used to shut down the Sedin line in the Finals.

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