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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
I thought about the P106, especially since it's a little lower lie, but my shooting style is just perfect with a wedge type, and the gradual curve would throw things off. I just lose a ton of power with those curves.

The P92 is quite a bit different than the P88; it's an open curve that almost kinks in the middle compared to a gradual curve that opens up slightly. P88 generally works better for guys who like a predictable curve for general use and for wristers...P92 seems better for guys who use a lot of snappers and can control the wedge.
The P106 is definitely a wedge, twisting open right from the heel. Definitely way more open than the P88. It a heel wedge, but with just a touch of gradual/mid curve as well. Take a Drury, add on a touch of mid curve (definitely a slight amount), and make the blade a bit shorter, and you have yourself a P106 (other than the different rocker). For snappers (from the mid/heel) and slappers I find it to shoot basically identically to a Drury, but I like it more for stick handling and the odd time I take more traditional wristers (which is normally just when trying to get the puck up real fast in close).

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