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Originally Posted by David Singleton View Post
Had the Predators been more proactive, he probably would have considered that last off-season (or something real close). Would he this season after seeing what's happening in the market? I'd say probably not.
Yeah, although even last season six per year would have seemed low. Erat makes that this year. I was hoping the guesses of around 7 per year for a mid-length were right, because the preds can afford that.

But when I see a Brad Richards get 12m, 12m, 9m, 8.5m, 8.5m for a ten million per year average in the first five years, I now believe Shea and his agent think he's worth at least nine, even for the Preds. And 9 reaches that 'blockbuster' level and may have Poile unable or unwilling to pull the trigger due to the risk and our finances, and I don't blame him. So Shea may want an arbitrators 8 million (As Aaron Sims predicts would be awarded, on his blog) for a couple years, because bring a Brinks truck if he's healthy when he becomes an unrestricted free agent. Unless of course the bargaining agreement changes by a lot, which is a risk for Shea if he wants to wait for a long deal. Although even with changes it would seem he will still claim eight mill, so his main risk is injury.

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