Thread: Confirmed with Link: Marc Methot Re-signs: 4 years, 12 million
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07-06-2011, 05:37 PM
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Originally Posted by sarcastro View Post
Just visiting (peacefully) - I'm puzzled by this signing. I considered Hejda to be the much better player, but they let him go and gave Methot almost the same deal that Hejda took from the Avs?

I've seen a decent number of Jackets games and I was aware that Methot was on the team, but I have never seen him do anything that left any kind of impression - good or bad (that's not necessarily a bad thing if he's a stay-at-home guy). So when I looked up his numbers I was a bit shocked at the $$ on this deal.

You guys would know better than I - is he considered a shutdown defender in these parts, or at least well on his way to becoming one? Was this a panic move after losing Hejda? Did they make a similar offer to Hejda and he decided he was leaving no matter what? It's not as big of a head-scratcher as the Pardy deal, but I'm still confused by it. Any info would be appreciated.
I think the hope is that Methot is a younger, more mobile version of Jan Hejda. One comparison I've always liked for him is Mark Eaton - he's not going to wow you in any way, but he has the ability to be a steadying force, a solid second/third pairing guy that you should be able to put on the ice without getting burned frequently. Methot has shown flashes of being that kind of player, but really has yet to do it on a consistent basis.

Personally, I consider myself a big fan of Methot's - he's one of the rare examples this team has of developing their own talent from within. I think the deal Hejda got would have hurt us worse, as Hejda is 33 and already seemed to be regressing ... on the flipside, Methot is only 26, and showed early on last season that he was capable of being a solid player in this league. It's a riskier deal, but IMO the reward with Methot could be much higher than with Hejda.

I would have liked to see us keep Jan Hejda for one or two more years, but I think the dollar amount was higher on a shorter term deal with him, and there's no way we wanted to lock him into a 4 or 5 year deal.

Thanks for stopping by!

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