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10-20-2003, 01:56 PM
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Originally Posted by THEGOON63
In fact, nobody really noticed him the year the year he had 74 points, he was playing solid hockey, he was good defensively, racked up a few points and fight sometimes. No teams invited him to a pro camp or even show a little interest. In fact his agent received 0 phones calls...

The year when he broke the record he was so dominant. Total control of the game, he was quicker than any other D-man in the league, had a better shot and was surprisingly phisically dominant. I think that's where they began to notice him. That year he had so much pressure when he was around 35 goals that he had chronic back pain due to stress. he was the only player on Shawinigan bench to stay up all game long, he wasn't able to sit!! All the papers and the tv talked about it everyday, it was the first time he had to deal with pressure. That's why he's now so strong mentally, he never had it easy in his career.

During the year 2000 when media were talkin' about the record, a few scouts came to Shawinigan to see what was going on. But no real interest was shown. But during 2000 playoffs, where Bergy had a strong run, teams like St.Louis, Edmonton and Dallas showed some kind of interest. But the team that fitted more his style was the Oilers. His agent looked at the depth chart of each team and the Oilers were te best organisation to end up with. They are proven to rely on their organisation more than any other team to fill their needs. So in may 2000 they made him an offer (Oils are the only team that offered him a contract) and he accepted it rigth away! sum up, it took him a 46 goals, 116 points 209 Pim in 84 games to get noticed!

You'll see...he's a winner. And nothing really scares him...that's the funniest part!
Thanks TG63, I just came back to this thread to check for an answer!

I'm very surprised to see that only 3 teams showed any interest at all and even more surprised that the Habs weren't one of them.

Was Marc upset that his hometown team didn't take any notice of him? They had to have the inside scoop from the media, and the Canadiens are always stocking up on quebec-born players.

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