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07-06-2011, 08:42 PM
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Originally Posted by Habtacular View Post
For me personally: Never wanted Konopka, he's not a good hockey player and not the kind of player that you see on winning teams. If you're a rubbish team I can see how he'd fulfill some sort of need and provide a distraction from the rubbishness of the team. Wouldn't have minded Rupp particularly, though he has consistency issues both in terms of fighting and play. Have wanted Winchester since the start. On random other names, was staunchly against Eager, the guy showed two teams he's a liability last year. Would quite like Shane O'Brien, though I'm not sure that's likely.

In terms of your general questions, no-one I don't think actually questions that there was a need to be addressed. I question those who claim Montreal management 'refuse' to address it. Ryan White was called up the day after the 8-6 Boston match. Mara was signed just after. Erik Cole does provide more size and grit for the top six (yeah, you don't have to fight Milan Lucic to be 'gritty' or even 'tough').

My main argument is not with those who see a need to be addressed, but those who live in some fantasy world where the entire structure of the team should be built with the aim of beating up Milan Lucic at some point in the season.
You didnt understand much of what Whitesnake said and you damned sure didnt understand a single thing that I have said.

I like how you spun around the discussion of Rupp and his "consistency" issues. Seriously? Rupp had more goals last season (9) than Gomez, Desharnais, Eller, Moen, Pyatt and White.

(That point of his goals scored compared to several Canadiens is not to diminish the Canadien players, it is to point out the fallacy that you are trying to portray as a Gauthier/Martin fanboy.)

Rupp was a -4 and fought 12 times with players from Komisarek to Thornton.

Now to make this clear to all the Gauthier fanboys who like to use hyperbole to make their points........"those who live in some fantasy world where the entire structure of the team should be built with the aim of beating up Milan Lucic at some point in the season"...........the Montreal Canadiens have enough talent on the top 2 lines to be successful in the playoffs. Our third line is talented enough to provide goal support to the top two lines. The ONLY thing missing from this team is a legitimate 4th line that can fight and provide energy with big hits and stepping up to whip some ass if anyone runs or messes with our goal scores on the top 3 lines (or our goalie). And it does not have to be just Lucic.

That and a DMan cut from the mold of Vandermeer.

But, Rupp was ours for the taking if Gauthier made a better offer for him (meanwhile sitting on $6 million in cap space). Same for Vandermeer.

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