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09-14-2005, 01:37 PM
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Hey guys! Just got back from the A vs. B scrimmage. Here's a short report on some guys I noticed. If anyone else was there, I'd love to hear your thoughts. I tried to watch everyone and take everything in, but it just wasn't possible.

The Good:

Kariya - wow, this guy has speed and finesse. in the shootout he really made his goal look like child's play. One bad thing, however, is I noticed him limping back to the bench during the 5 minute 4-on-4 mock overtime period. He obviously made it back out after that to do the shootout, but he seemed to have lost a step speed-wise. hopefully, it's nothing and he'll be fine.

Sullivan - he looked like the same old, great stevie that we know.. he showed speed and a nice touch with the puck. he didn't get any goals nor did he score on his shootout chance, but he had some good chances that just didn't quite go his way.

Vokoun - He showed some sweet saves and looked to be in old-form (the good one ) it was definitely weird seing him not be able to play the puck like he's used to.

Erat - He was laying out some pretty good hits and overall just showed a confidence on the ice that I've not seen before.

Pivko - I've gotta say, he really made an impression. He made some nice passes and scored two goals. He also was really string on the puck. Any other season he'd be a lock for the team.

Markov - He scored a nice goal, made some good crisp passes, and played good defense and overall seemed to gel with his teammates.

Radulov - He seemed to have a real good chemistry playing with Hartnell. He created some good chances and made some nice passes. His shootout goal was hands down the best one. The kid has some sick moves 1-on-1 with the goalie.

Hartnell - the baby bull looks stronger than ever and was pretty strong on the puck. he and radulov really made some good passes to each other.

Weber - Man, what a mature kid. He looked years ahead of most d-men his age. I think after one AHL season, he'll be ready for the Preds. Him and hammer together is an awesome pairing.

Hamhuis - Didn't dazzle me, but he played a good game and he and weber really complimented each other.

Robitaille - You guys are going to hate me, but Robo impressed me the most out of himself, beech, and perrault. He is an awesome setup guy (as we already knew) and seems to have a confidence that most preds fans have never seen.

The Not Too Shabby:

Johnson - Same johnny that we know. he hasn't improved nor has he gotten worse. there's not much else to say.

Zidlicky - He didn't really impress me nor did he make me think has gotten worse. His real niche is PP and since they had none in the scrimmage, he didn't really have a chance to show his stuff. He wasn't bad though.

Hordichuk - The kid has hustle and a surprising skill set for a player of his type. I like him.

Perrault - I know he's old and slow, but he was better than I thought he would be. And I must say that he is a good faceoff man.

Beech - Had a nice shootout goal and showed some good setup skills. He was a faster skater than I had imagined. It was pretty close between him and Robo, but Robo just showed me more.

Stevenson - Same ol Jeremy. gotta love his underrated game.

Mason - He got a lot rubber flung at him, but he seemed to be in good form.

Rinne - Pretty good and looking forward to seeing him in an Ads sweater. He got shelled pretty good in the shootout, but the season with the Ads should help him tremendously.

Segal - Pretty much as we all know him. He laid out a few good hits and that's about all I remember.

Parent - This kid was pretty damn good for a d-man who's just been drafted. in a few years I think he'll be a real stud.

Upshall - Honestly, he wasn't as good as I'd hoped. I don't know if I see him making the Preds out of camp.

Rosa - of all the guys I'd never seen before, he impressed me the most. He'll be a nice addition to the Ads.

The Hardly Noticed:

Meidel - Noticed him only a couple times and didn't particularly impress me.

Smithson - I noticed him winning a couple faceoffs and that's really about it.

Yablonski - He hit a few guys and got hit a few times himself. He might have had a lucky assist on pivko's first goal.

Zanon - from what I saw, he was better than I thought he'd be, but still looked like an AHL guy to me.

Balan - Noticed him maybe twice. No real impressions

Bonni - See Balan

Glenn - See Balan

Todd - See Balan

The Bad:

Franson - what a waste of a pick! he couldn't play defense, couldn't keep the puck in the zone, couldn't pass, and was overall manhandled. I'll be surprised if this kid even becomes an AHL regular.

Moir - He showed me nothing.

Overall it was awesome seeing 2/3 of our talent pool. Here's too a good season for the Preds and a good season for the Ads!!!

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