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Originally Posted by blah
Look at the 3 seasons before he was injured: 12.6, 14.4, and 16.6. Gagne taking 280 shots could easily get him 45+ goals.
This assumes of course that he could maintain 16% shooting average. What your own stats should show you is that he achieved that number only once in his four year career. I will add that Gagne achieved both his highs while having two minimum 65 point scorers on his team. These are exactly what Gaborik lacks. Swap Gagne's team mates of Recchi, Johnsson, DesJardins, Primeau, Roenick, and LeClair with Gaborik's Zholtok, Kuba, Zyuzin, Brunette, Dupuis, and Dowd and I think we both know their numbers would be VERY different indeed.

Originally Posted by blah
Don't take stats from an injury plagued season.
Okay. In 2001-2002 their stats are as follows:

Gagne - 79 games - 33g - 33a - 66 pts - 18:09 mpg - Gagne had the second best plus/minus rating on the club.
Gaborik - 78 games - 30g - 37a - 67 pts - 16:46 mpg - Gaborik was tied with Walz for the top plus/minus rating on his club.

What we have here is obvious. Gaborik scoring MORE while playing one less game and while averaging over 1:15 FEWER minutes in every game. Gaborik did that while having only one other player on his team scoring more than 43 points (Brunette), with one other 20 goal scorer (Brunette), and with a #1 defenseman who put up 24 points (Kuba).

That year Gagne played with two other 60+ point getters (JR & Recchi), and an additional two 50 point scorers (LeClair & Primeau), and FOUR other 20 goal scorers. (None of this includes Adam Oates who scored 10 points in 14 games, a number that prorates to about a 55 point season.) Gagne played with one defenseman (Johnsson) who, with 41 points, would've been the fourth highest scorer on Gaborik's team. Another defenseman (DesJardins) outscored Kuba while missing 17 games. The Flyers' THIRD highest scoring defenseman matched Kuba's totals while averaging 3:30 fewer minutes of ice time than that of Kuba.

In Simon Gagne's best year he scored 66 points. He turned 22 years old and was in his 3rd year.

In Marion Gaborik's best year he scored 67 points. He turned 20 years old and was in his 2nd year.

Simon Gagne's career playoff numbers are: 41 games - 12g - 6a = 18
Marion Gaborik's career playoff numbers are: 18 games - 9g - 8a = 17

Career numbers:
Gagne: 274 games - 89g - 111a
If we "don't take stats from an injury plagued season" we have this:
Gagne: 228 games - 80g - 93a
Gaborik: 230 games - 78g - 90a

All this adds up to one thing: Gaborik achieves the same results while being two years younger and playing for a team that is light years behind the Flyers in both depth and skill.

Originally Posted by blah
I still don't see how Gaborik is better.
Talk to a pro scout. He'll tell you about skating, hands, and creativity. Gagne has these things too, but he's not in Gaborik's class.

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