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07-06-2011, 11:05 PM
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too many. i haven't liked a habs lineup like i do now in many, many, many years...

my favorite is probably desharnais. plays like he's 6'3. isn't afraid of anybody, smart player, basically, the perfect underdog.

now, subban and price are probably the best bromance in the league and it's hard as a fan to not enjoy their antics. price with the b-boy stance, subban with the celebrations and the chirpiness

and you can see pacioretty has the same kind of swagger. the little shove on chara, the monster hits he dished out, although it did end up badly, showed you the kind of player he is and i hope he comes back the same.

tomas jagr is too gansta for his own good

cammy the consummate professional. i mean, the guy doesn't even celebrate his own goals!

akost, the aloof freight train. he'll flatten somebody, then skate away like nothing happened, like he was driving and just happened to run into a fly. and his smile when he score: priceless i get puck, i make goal!

white is slowly turning into a favorite as well. the way he jumped boychuck after the 'accidental' knee-on-knee with subban was glorious. then, in the penalty box, he made sure to give boychuck, a big 'ole smile. very chippy as well

and to top it off, you have grandpa gill

too many characters

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