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07-07-2011, 12:15 AM
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Originally Posted by Kimota View Post
The same thing happened the last regular season match against Boston the season or two before. Boston knew they were in the playoffs and we needed a win bad and they pretty much abused the Habs' player since it was open season since they knew the Habs needed the win and couldn't take penalties. I remember Komi got corned by Chara and the big neaderthal took a few cheap shots at him when Komi couldn't do anything.

I'm tired of this happening over and over. Sometime you have to take a stand. I'm tired of my Canadians being the laughing stock of the league, i'm tired of being ashamed of my Montreal Canadiens.
There is NOT ONE PLAYER in this league capable of deterring Chara from committing fouls when he wants to. This is why there are rules that lay out how many penalty minutes for each infraction a player is supposed to get.

Thanks by the way for demonstrating the point I made the other day that the clamour for tough guys is more about the fans having manly adequacy issues than about what goes on on the ice.

There is no reason for you as a fan to feel personally ashamed that some Neanderthal on another team commits fouls.

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