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07-07-2011, 01:18 AM
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Originally Posted by SouthernHab View Post
Gauthier is a god.

You nailed it. When the Habs last won the Cup, they were a team similar to the present day Bruins. Tough as nails, willing to fight anyone and forwards with confidence because they did not have to worry about some punk from any team messing with them.

And, the excuses pile in. Pre-lockout, cap system, old days, things change etc and so on ad nauseum. Yet the Bruins did it this year like we used to, excuses be damned, injuries and all.
There was a bunch of teams that were tough as nails with a bunch of players willing to fight anyone, they didn't win the cup.
In 1993, Roy wins Conn Smythe, Habs win cup.
In 2011, Thomas wins Conn Smythe, Bruins win cup.

That's why they won the cup, not because we had players willing to fight. We had 4 players with 80+ pts, three 30G scorers and one 40G one, we had 10players with more than 40pts. Last season we had 4 players with more than 40pts...
We had guys like Damphousse, Muller, Lebeau, Bellows, Desjardins, Schneider, Savard, Keane, LeClair, Carbonneau, Daigneault. These guys weren't the tough players willing to fight anyone. We had only two guys that were big and tough as important regulars, Todd Ewen and Lyle Odelein. Ewen played 1 game in the POs. Odelein was pretty much the only one used in the POs that fits the mold you're speaking off.
Despite all these crazy amazing stars and players, we probably still don't win if it's not for Roy playing like a God.
We didn't win the cup thanks to Roberge and Ewen. We won the camp mainly because of grit and skills.
The Bruins don't win the cup without Thomas. It's that simple.

In 97-98, we had big guys and others ready to drop their gloves at any moment. Guys like Corson, Quintal, Tucker, Vukotu (to show you how fighting was a lot more important back then, this guy played 10years with more than 550 games, and didn't even break the 50pt mark!), Ryan, Stevenson, Thornton, Manson, Popovic, but we still ended up going nowhere.

Talent will always be miles and miles ahead of aggressiveness/fighters. A good mixture is welcomed, but the two biggest determining factor in building a winning team is grit and talent.
We have 5 guys that should get at least 20goals next year, AK-Plek-Cammy-Gio-Cole, with the possibility of having another (MaxPac). We didn't even have that when we finished 1st in East and 2nd in GF back in 07-08.
So, there's really nothing to whine about. We're headed in the right direction and there's no point in crying over nothing. If we don't get an enforcer, it's really not the end of the world.

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