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You want BOLD?!

I gotcher BOLD right here!
  1. Heatley scores 35 goals, 40 assists. Misses 10 games due to injury. He plays most of the season on the LW side of Koivu.
  2. Setoguchi takes his place on the right side of Koivu and then nets 36 goals.
  3. Setoguchi, Heatley and Koivu are named to the All Star team.
  4. Koivu out scores Joe Thornton. Over 25 goals and around 60 assists.
  5. Bouchard and Latendresse find a huge amount of chemistry and some teams will consider that our “first line”. Bouchard gets over 20 goals and over 60 assists. On December 17th, Bouchard gets 5 minutes for fighting and a game misconduct. On December 18th, he is suspended 2 games.
  6. Latendresse comes into camp in the best shape of his life. Leads the team in goals at 43.
  7. Brodizak re-gains his 2nd line center duties in camp.
  8. Cullen finds a home on the 3rd line between Gillies and Clutterbuck. That line chips in a combined 40 goals and 40 assists.
  9. At the end of the season, Clutterbuck does not lead the NHL in hits.
  10. Powe centers the 4th line.
  11. Kassian earns a roster spot.
  12. Staubitz and Kassian split time in the press box, each playing around 50 games throughout the season.
  13. Scandella plays with Schultz. This pair gets about 22 minutes a game.
  14. Zanon and Zidlicky stay together. This pair gets about 23 minutes a game.
  15. Stoner and Spurgeon become a good 3rd pair tandem. This pair gets roughly 15 minutes a game. Stoner gets injured 1/3rd of the way through the season and Nate Prosser takes his place. Stoner out for the season. Prosser proves to be a decent 3rd pairing D-Man. Re-signed.
  16. Bagnall is our "extra" D which is put in over Spurgeon when we face opponents with big body power forwards.
  17. Yeo and Rick Wilson mix and match D a lot causing us all to ponder WTF they are doing, but it works, so we don't *****.
  18. Backstrom puts up Vezina quality numbers, but gets snubbed on nominations. Primarily due to the media writing him off because of the tighter defensive structure that Rick Wilson is allowed to implement. Russo pitches a fit.
  19. At the deadline, Wellman is traded and Gopher cries.
  20. The Wild take the NW division and 2nd seed. We face Detroit in the first round and Anaheim in the 2nd. Then, we face San Jose in the WCF and San Jose fans throw it in our faces that Heatley chokes (but is really injured again) even though we take the Sharks to a full 7 games.
  21. San Jose wins the President’s Trophy and breaks the PT curse by winning the Stanley Cup over the New York Rangers in a four game sweep.
  22. The Rangers squeak into the playoffs as the 7th seed. Largely due to a Brad Richards injury in the middle of the season where he misses 15 games and a Gaborik injury late in the season where he misses 10. They go on a major winning streak the last three weeks of the season after Gaborik comes back completely healthy.
  23. Boston faces a healthy Rangers squad in the 2nd round and loses in 7.
  24. The Capitals get bounced in the ECF by the Rangers.
  25. Vancouver struggles at the start of the season and pundits start to say that they’ve lost their groove. It’s also Luongo’s season to be injured for a large amount of time. Schneider steps in and Gillis regrets not trading him this summer, as he proves during this time that he is not yet ready for a heavy work load. They miss the play offs by 1 point.
  26. Chicago also struggles. Crawford is also proven to be soft in goal this season and Patrick Kane fails to re-find his groove and barely hits the 20 goal mark. Sharp is traded to San Jose at the deadline. No play offs for the Hawks this year. Sorry Bruno.
  27. The Carter/Nash experiment in Columbus fails. Nash is moved to the 2nd line with Brassard and Carter is moved to 1st line RW and given the play maker Vermette as his center. Steve Mason lays a major season long egg. Howson is fired the last day of the season because he misses the play-offs.
  28. Mike Richards gets arrested for drunk and disorderly conduct (probably during the All Star break). LA has to do without him for an extended period of time. The Kings get into the playoffs at 8th seed, but get swept by a stacked Sharks roster in the first round. Ledge watch begins for Kings fans.
  29. Varlamov also lays a giant egg in Denver. Gigeure gets more starts. The Capitals get a lottery pick in the 2012 Draft. Ownership completely cleans house of the coaching staff and the front office.
  30. Edmonton and Calgary both miss the play-offs.
  31. Winnipeg gets in as a 4th or 5th seed but fail to get passed the first round.
  32. The Phoenix saga is finally resolved when they miss the play-offs and look like a lock for the #1 pick. This further convolutes the re-alignment discussions that occur at every GMs and BoGs meetings. The team is purchased by Jim Balsillie, but he doesn't move it to Hamilton or Quebec City, he moves into Kansas City and relocates the RIM headquarter to the Kansas side.
  33. Nashville surprises the entire NHL this year and wins the Central Division. Unfortunately, they lose in the first round to a surprisingly good St. Louis team where Halak stands on his head the entire series. Unfortunately, the Blues face San Jose in the 2nd round.

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