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07-07-2011, 12:33 PM
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Originally Posted by 417 View Post
Blunden's not a fighter per say...he can be a physical 4th liner, alot like Ryan White but bigger.

I don't understand habs fans sometimes...if a player is big, he's got to be able to fight like Chris Nilan, or else he's useless.

I couldn't careless less about fighting ability...IMO, fighting is on the verge of being abolished (or sanctionable at the very least) anyways
My problem with Blunden, purely from junior many years ago, was more that he lacked the feu-de-belly thing that a good banger needs. He's more like Moen that way, IMHO. Moen is pretty no-nonsense and consistent, but doesn't go nuts. Blunden is like that, save maybe lacking the consistency. Or was. Or that was my past impression of him, anyway, for whatever it is worth. No idea how or if he has evolved since.

White has the feu-de-belly AFAIC.

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