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Originally Posted by SupersonicMonkey View Post
First off, size and grit doesn't equal third line grinder and small doesn't equal top six star.

This argument you keep trying to make won't become more true the more you harp on it.

Kreider wasn't "raw". He had pro size, speed, hands, and shot, and drive, the only concern would be if he would be one dimensional or not. He isn't. He's a legitimate two way player now.

Miller is NOT a third line grinder and the fact you repeatedly assume so means you never seen him play. Miller has SO much more offensive talent and is so much more complete a player then McColgan its not even a debate. Miller has the vision, hands, shot to be a high-end offensive player. He just so happens to have the drive, grit, and two way play that separates him from other players.

Your Grimaldi, McColgan, St. Croix, Bourque, Zuccarello, Dawes players don't go in the first round and/or go undrafted for a reason.

McColgan at 5-8 can play against 16 year olds but when it comes time to play against 20+ year olds is where these guys have a problem. And when theyre not recording a goal per game theyre not contributing.

Kreiders and Millers make it and stick because they can handle and dish out the physical play and have the offensive skill to go with it.

McColgan's chances of reaching the NHL let alone being a steal, are slim to none.

Kreider and Miller chances of reaching the NHL and being a steal are exponentially higher so much it isn't even a debate.
This ^, well said.
There's nothing wrong taking a chance on a guy, especially if its cheap.

But there is an adage in pro sports: usually, the good big man beats the good little man.
IMO, the prototype we should focus on, as a general rule, is Anisimov and complement to extent possible.

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