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Originally Posted by Juicy Couturier View Post
For all the hype there was around here over Dougie Hamilton people seem to be damn sure now that Couturier was the right pick much more now than then. In a week it went from wanting Hamilton with our pick to Couturier being the best player in the draft.

I'll wait until I see them both play to make an guess to their futures instead of relying on youtube clips and internet scouts.
I was working during the 1st rnd of the draft and didn't get to see more than just glimpses. I was pissed as hell when I saw that Hamilton fell to the Bruins at 9 and we DIDN'T take him until I got home and saw whom we DID take. I really was hoping beyond hope that Hamilton somehow fell to us at 8 but I couldn't see it realisitically happening. I laughed my butt off when I saw who was taken above us to allow Couturier to fall to us at 8. That was the best pick in the draft. He may not end up being the best player, but to get him at 8 was the BEST pick in the draft.

I wanted Hamilton because nobody else after himreally looked to be anything more than a 2nd pairing dman or 2nd/3rd line forward at best. Hamilton is NOT going to be nearly as good as Bruin fans think he is mark my words. He'll be a borderline 2/3 dman about on the same level as Coburn. that's not NEARLY as great as everyone seems to think. Remember that Coburn was rated pretty much exactly the same and IMO they are very comparable. Don't get me wrong, I like Coburn and he's a damned good dman for us but he's hardly a franchise dman as some people seem to think Hamilton is going to be.

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