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Most recent Bryzgalov's interview to Sovetskiy Sport

Ecerpts from the Interview with Iliya Bryzgalov to Sovetskiy Sports

This exclusive interview was taken at Bryzgalov’s hockey camp in Russia.

Iliya Bryzgalov: “ Bobrovsky and I will have to work together to win the Stanley Cup”

Q: Why do so many young players leave for the NHL?
A: All the youngsters know that the NHL is the strongest league in the world. And most of them would like to play there. When a chance presents itself they try to grab it. I can only respect that.

Q: Is Varlamov’s situation similar?
A: Yes, you can use that as example. I can’t speak for Semen. I do not know the whole story that he had in Washington and I do not know what he was offered by SKA. But I think, he made a right choice for himself.

Q: Semen is now in the situation that you were in Anaheim when you were 23 years old and played with Giguere. Is he a strong competition?
A: Not weaker than others. I would give Varlamov an advice that I give my campers- believe in yourself and work hard. The game will show who the best is.

Q: There was a Russian goalie team in Edmonton in the 90’s- Khabibulin and Shtalenkov. There is a second time in history of the NHL with 2 Russian keepers on 1 team.
A: I am thrilled that Sergey Bobrovsky will be my partner. I have not played on the same team with Russians for a while. I played with Lisin in Phoenix a few years ago, but that’s it. I have no problem working with Americans. I keep good relationship with everyone. But I really would like to meet Bobrovsky. Can’t wait for a face to face meeting. We will have to work together to win the Stanley Cup.

Q: You have signed a 9 year $51 million contract with Philadelphia, and you became the highest paid player for the 2011/12 season with the $10 million salary. But you were surpassed by Brad Richards.
A: I have not even thought about that.

Q: Did that flatter you?
A: I did not pay any attention.

Q: Were you surprised by the Flyers rebuilding efforts? You came, and Richards and Carter were traded almost immediately.
A: Let me try to explain. It’s a part of our business. We have accepted the rules of the game. Anyone can be traded at any moment. If Flyers management made that decision, means that was necessary.

Q: …And then Jagr was signed.
A: And I am glad about it. Great master (verbatim), who will definitely help us. By the way, we know each other. I came to Omsk after the lockout, even signed a contract with “Avangard”. We worked in the training camp together for a couple of months.

Q: One can say that you have a locker room of “Cicero’s” in Philadelphia.
A: Why is that?

Q: Because 3 bright speakers are there- you, Jagr and Pronger.
A: We not in the ancient Rome, however- laughs Iliya. I do not think there will be a lot of chat in the locker room. We have one common goal- to win a Stanley Cup and we have nothing to split.

Q: I meant to say that the journalists are very excited. They will have great interviews after every game.
A: If you think that way- I will try not to disappoint you.

Q: Is it important for you to know what you are going to do in 2020?
A: Stability is very important. I know that I have a long term contract with Flyers and I have to work it- game after game, year after yer.

Q: you have asked for an advice on what to paint on your mask. Have you decided?
A: There were great ideas on twitter. But I think that I will do something that my children are going to love. Either they will paint something, or they will give me the idea. Why? I love my children very much. They have bright, clear thoughts. I will look at my mask in the locker room and recall them. And I feel warmer inside.

For the last few seasons and during the Olympics Bryzgalov has played in a mask painted with children’s drawings. “That was painted by my daughter. On one side- mom, dad, Valeria herself and my son Vladislav. And also a small dog. On the other side- my daughter is riding a pony.

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