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07-07-2011, 02:35 PM
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Originally Posted by alexstream View Post
Well, the cap won't go up next season, count on it. There might even be a lockout in order to kick the Cap back down.

so any place we have now, we MUST keep it in order to re-sign Price and Subban. They won't come cheap. probably around 4-5M a piece.
The league just added Winnipeg in lieu of Atlanta, is coming off a season that saw another big market, original 6 team win the Cup and the Canadian dollar is as strong as ever. I can't imagine the cap not going up again. Might not be as drastic of an increase as this year, but I don't see any signs of it going down other than fans and media getting upset that spending is out of control again.

And I can't see another lockout occurring. The owners won't even try to lower the cap ceiling, might try to get the cap floor down a bit and sort out these front loaded contracts, but there are no issues worth losing another season over. Especially not after they won the last PR battle and would be unlikely to win another. If they do somehow decide to lower the cap ceiling, they'll also implement measures for teams to deal with it. Roll backs, one-time buyout period, etc. But again, can't see it happening.

As for Price and Subban, with Spacek and Moen coming off the books, not to mention Gill and Kostitsyn if need be, there's plenty of money available for them. Spending to the cap this year won't affect that. Not that I advocate needlessly adding salary just to keep up the image that we're a cap-spending team, but if you're PG and you see an opportunity to improve your team with that 4M in space we'll have left over, don't let worries about Subban and Price stop you.

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