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07-07-2011, 02:44 PM
Harry Kakalovich
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Went to the camp this morning - it was all skating drills so only so much one can say, but I will go through what I saw:

Beaulieu - he's bigger than I remembered him in the Q and he did well in most skating drills. He looks like a really solid prospect.

Didier - also quite big and sturdy. His skating was good now and it seemed like he has room to get better. He definitely looks like a nice pickup in the 4th round.

Archambault - has good skating and skills but always seemed to be cutting corners and not really wanting to work.

Nygren - looked pretty choppy and had trouble with several of the drills, but had a good attitude. He was playing a lot on the ice, running into guys and clowning a bit. The nice thing is if he can do well already in the SEL, maybe after working on the skating etc. there is room for him to improve even higher. That's looking at the bright side of course.

Dietz - did not look very big, but he was pretty agile and did well in all of the skating drills. Certainly didn't seem like his skating would be what would hold him back.

Pribyl - as opposed to what I just wrote about Dietz, Pribyl definitely needs to work a lot on his skating. He struggled quite a bit on several of the drills, especially skating backwards. He's a big center, and his frame is certainly enticing, but it will take him some time and a lot of work. Intriguing.

Sullivan - very good skater with a solid frame. Nothing wrong with this guy - seems like a really solid citizen. Let's see what happens going forward, but this seems like a really solid pickup in round 7.

Westin - Had some trouble with certain of the drills and certainly never seemed to excel.

Bennett - definitely a really good solid skater. Really fluid and confident. He is quite a bit smaller than most of the other fellows, so that will be a big challenge for him. He looked like he has some pro potential.

Pateryn - his skating wasn't always terrific, but he got the job done and seems to have a good presence out there. Went first on a lot of the drills.

McFadden - I liked the look of him, but he was a little awkward in some of the drills. Leggy, if that makes any sense. His skating needs some work, but he didn't seem out of place.

Brodeur - he's a guy I knew nothing about. He's really small. His skating was all right, but maybe not as strong as the other little guys (Bennett and Archambault).

So that is what I came away with - skating technique is not my forte so it is just an amateur opinion. Cheers!

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