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Originally Posted by alexstream View Post
Surprised that :

-Kost gets more votes than Plekanec and Cammalleri
-Gionta gets so few votes
-Gomez parents are member of this board (he got two votes : mom and dad)

My top 10 :
1. PK for his superstar skills. He's awesome to watch play live.
2. Price : he's so calm and poise and powerful, Chuck Norris style : The puck hits him because it's scared of what could happen if it disobeys. I liked his cocky attitude in season 1, but must admit that it's good that he's grown up.
3. Markov. General Markov. When he's on his game, he's just a clone of Lidstrom IMHO. Unspectacular, but totally in control.
4. Cammalleri. The closest thing we've had in a while that resembles a steady pure scorer.
5. Plekanec all around game. Not a cry baby.
6.5 ex aequo. Gionta for his leadership and drive. Gomez for his speed and relaxed yet "in control" attitude (as opposed to Higgins and Ryder, when it started going downhill, they said that they didn't care, that's how it was in MTL.)
8. Gorges. Unspectacular. Says the right thing, does the right thing.
9. Pacioretty. The only reason he's not higher is b/c he hasn't played much yet.
10. Eric Cole. The only reason he's not higher is b/c he hasn't played yet.

I guess you never saw him doing his thang on the point. He's actually one of the most spectacular offensive Ds, Subban just took the title now. But Markov is something to watch on the point, spino-ramas, dekes, incredible passes, rushes to the net with a quick wrister.... If Markov is unspectacular, I don't know what to make of the rest of the offensive Ds in the league, they're all boring...

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