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Originally Posted by Inferno272 View Post
that's not how i read it.

he said ppl will take size over skill at this level, and i tend to agree. especially if the difference in skill isnt super significant but the size differential is. he went on to say everyone would love to take a guy like Stamkos in the 3rd round or whatever, but guys like that, who have size AND skill will go super high for obvious reasons.

but theres a reason bigger guys go before smaller guys who are more skilled, their games translate a hell of a lot better at this level. those smaller guys tend to be homerun swings, every once in a while youll get a MSL, or Gionta or whatever, but for the most part you get guys like Nigel Dawes, fringe players who have talent, but cant translate it up here. its why ive never been super high on MZA, and am super high on a guy like Kreider. Kreider is one of those rare guys that has the entire package, but the size is a HUGE part of it.

the reason we have a lot of grinders on this team is because we pick lower, and when you pick lower you need to pick safer...and those safer, bigger guys tend to be 2nd or 3rd line guys. the super high end skilled short guys are dangerous picks to make.
And that's why I like the St. Croix and McColgan picks when they were taken. They have the talent that a 1st round pick would have, but their height makes them drop. This team will not be drafting in the top 10 for a while if things go like they should. they are going to need to take some big swings in some of the drafts with later round picks. If even one of them pans out, it's successful. My guess is you'll see the Rangers doing this a lot more often when they have the chance to, just cause they don't have top 10 picks.

Sky is the limit with these kind of picks, but the bottom is unlimited as well with these players. You'll find them either tearing up the ECHL or AHL year in and year out at some point, or tearing up the NHL. There is unlikely to be a middle ground, unless that middle ground is a 60 point player.

Lets also not forget that they signed Audy-Marchssault (sp?) who is also small and dominated the Q this past season. So, you don't only have to use draft picks on these kinds of players, but can find the as undrafted free agents coming out of the CHL or NCAA.

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