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Originally Posted by cheerupmurray View Post
You clearly overestimate how popular hockey is in Europe.

I can't for a minute think that hockey is a noticable sport in England and Spain. There must be a million times more interest in Rugby compared to hockey in U.K. Spain have great handball teams, theres plenty of rugby players and zero interest in hockey. In France hockey is a bit popular in the alp regions but there are plenty of other more popular teamsports. In Denmark theres 146000 licensed handball players compared to 4058 hockey players, allthough hockey is on the rise there it's still a marginal sport.

I think I remember reading that the number of juniors playing hocke is in decline in Czech republic.

On the plusside Hockey is the number one sport in Latvia right?
On the other hand Football has double the amount of registered players compared to hockey her in Finland (120 000 and 60 000) at the moment and it's still not even close in terms of popularity.

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