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07-07-2011, 03:49 PM
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I'm thinking nah... Couple of reasons. Bear with me despite the harsh tone

1) Funny cast of players you've selected? Some are better off where they are.(Boedker, Madsen, Jakobsen). Some are clearly to old(Staal - Just signed his last contract with his birthclub, Hirsch, Damgaard). One is quiting pro hockey(Sundberg). Some shouldn't be playing a mens league, let alone KHL(Russell, Sebastian Svendsen, Markus Lauridsen, Nicolai Meyer, Simon Gronvaldt). All of these would be better off in a junior league developing skill set along side strengh.

Then there's the players who would be laughed at in the KHL... What on earth would Thor Dresler and Kim Lykkeskov be doing in a league like that?

Most of the players mentioned are heading towards Sweden or Germany, so we are doing just fine without a KHL-team to help development.

From the players point of view: Nah

2) As a molding team for the national team perhaps? No. We have a lot of gatherings with Euros only. The young players get their chance during the year. Also the unity around the national team is notorious. Hell it's been the only reason we've survived for years.

Rather the players develop at the right level and close to home.

Further more a "Team Denmark" would completly destroy the suffering Danish League. And with it goes all the next generation of prospects.

From the National teams point of view: Nah

3) But are there money to be made? Yeah... Probably. But then again: Think of the travelling expences. No fans from the away-team.

From a economical point of view: Small yeah/Meh

To sum up: No thank you

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