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07-07-2011, 05:44 PM
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Originally Posted by ScottyDoNot View Post
Hey Guys maybe you can help, about a year ago I lost my Red Expos practise cap, i'm honestly really sad about this and have been looking everywhere but cant find 1 It was a bright red made from New Era and has these lil kinda breathing holes all over it.

Can someone please help me find this in a size 7 1/8?
Much appreciated thanks!
Those are everywhere, I've seen them for sale at Eaton's Centre in Toronto, so if that's the case, then... if that sporting goods store is still @ Alexis-Nihon Plaza/Atwater, they will have them or be able to order one for you. There was another great sports shop at the Big Mall in St-Laurant that I saw those at last year or the one before. The tri-color Expos cap is one of the biggest sellers at the moment, you could thank Rap for it...

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