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Originally Posted by satrabyk View Post
If you think Mcd has more upside than Stall, you better wash your eyes out with some serious soap and get your brain fixed. Stall is the anchor on the blue line, besides late last season in which he had an injury he is no question a top shutdown defender in the league. If anyone Mcd is much more questionable as it think Sauer was just amazing last year and helped Mcd in many ways with his steady demeanor. Id like to see how Mcd fairs in a full season and if not playing with Sauer.
First, if you're so in love with him, you should learn how to spell his name correctly
You're just like a lot of the other Rangers fans on here who are so blinded by their loyalty to the team, they believe that a lot of our players are better than they actually are. If you would just spend the time watching Staal play from shift to shift game in and game out, you would notice the things I am talking about regarding his performance.
He is far from an elite shutdown defender, that status is reserved for players like Chara who are in another stratosphere than Staal. I'm not picking on him, I just think both McD and Sauer consistently make much better decisions and reads from a defensive standpoint than both Staal and Girardi do.

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